Hey guys,

Sorry to bother you with yet another pickup question, but y'all know the answers so it's always worth asking! Hehe.

Anyways, I recently bought a Schecter S-1 Elite (based on the recommendation of someone on this board - I cannot thank you enough!) and I love it, but the pickups are a bit muddy.

They're Duncan Designed HB101's, which are based on the JB/Jazz Seymour Duncan combo. I find them quite muddy, with a lot of flab on the bottom end.

I'm looking for pickups that can handle high gain, but really what I'm looking for is an agressive, high-output kinda tone rather than gainy. I play some metal and generally quite heavy rock, but I prefer to get my loudness and heaviness from tight bass response and fatness rather than actual gain.

So I'm looking for a high-output, bass-oriented bridge pickup that can go high-gain, but is likely to be used at moderate gain levels and still sound fat, round, and that can handle reverb without losing clarity.

Cheers guys!
"I'm looking for pickups that can handle high gain, but really what I'm looking for is an agressive, high-output kinda tone rather than gainy. "

no what your really looking for is a new amp
do you want useable cleans? or are you going to play distorted pretty much all the time?
what amp are you playing? any examples of sounds you're after???
Useable cleans would be a plus...

JezJr48... I really do need a new amp, but at the moment I'm still saving for one, and as I'm at University, my dorm has a noise limit so even if I had a decent amp I couldn't play it loud enugh to get the tubes working... At the moment I'm just using a POD into my computer, but I figure as I know the pickups are muddy from playing them on various of my friend's amps, I might as well upgrade those, and then that's one issue out of the way for when I come to choose an amp...

EDIT: Hmmm de Hum, tones I'm after is tricky... I play a lot of metal but not high-gain if you see what I mean... I suppose the tone it's closest too, is, dare I say it, the sound of the new Blink-182 album, and recent Alkaline Trio albums, if you've heard those. Although I don't really like Blink all that much, nor Tom DeLonge, I must say I like the raw, loud tone of his setup (although I've heard mixed reviews of the Dirty Fingers pickups.) Someone suggested a higher-output humbucker sized P90 because it has the clarity of a singlecoil with the bite of a humbucker... That sound like sense?!

Any other pickups similiar to the Dirty Fingers that are a spot more clean-friendly but with a similar or better distortion?
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no your problem isnt your new guitar its your amp. go take your guitar down to the music store. plug it into a tube amp. and the muddy crappy noise will be gone. the amp makes 90 perecent of the sound so dont waste money buying new pickups go save up for a tube amp.
Ok sure thing... Thanks Jez... I'm still saving but could you point me in the direction of any amps that would suit my needs?
sure. i came across a good all tube amp for only $650 the other day. its called ashdown fallen angel 60 dsl or sumthing like that. its really nice and gives u bright cleans and great distortion. its also really diverse so you could almost play any kind of music. look it up on musicians friends.
Wow I just read some reviews of that... Looks good... Plus I'm in the UK and I think Ashdown is English so it's stoopidly cheap...
yauh they make really good amps. trust my word bro. i played it at the store. and its got sum super bright cleans and great distortion. you should defenelly buy it online though unless its cheaper at your local guitar store. but at mine it was 750 bucks so i said the hell with them so im gona buy mine online in a couple weeks. but yauh man youll love it.
Cool cheers. So you'd rate that above anything else even though I'll have around £800-£1000 to spend (around $1500-1800)?
well since you have the money. u could get the ashdown 180 head instead. which is like the bigger brother of the 60. but i think it would sound the same because it has all the same tubes. i just think itd be louder which it is because it has more watts. but **** since you have the money go for it. and i was talken about the 60 dsl head. not the combo. although the combo probably sounds the same but who knows.
it sounds just as good as all the other expensive tube amps. so getting a 2000 dollar marshall would just be flushing your money down the toilet. and this way you can get a new guitar and a tube amp.
And if you're dead set on new pickups. Try the JB/Jazz, or better yet Custom/Jazz

Because the Duncan designed are like.. insanely crappy compared to what they are modeled after.

I have Traynor YCV50 Blue, it has absolutely aweome cleans, and the gain well. To give you a good example, I can pretty easily get this tone (even if you dont like the band, just to give you an Idea of the tone) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA_JfF2AtcI to Foo Fighters style gain (heavy, but not really tight) to Beatles jangle. Its also rather cheap.
traynors good. but the ashdowns better. trust me ive played them all. and the jbs good but the jazz sucks. (i own it)
Quote by jezjr48
traynors good. but the ashdowns better. trust me ive played them all. and the jbs good but the jazz sucks. (i own it)

Tones subjective man. I've played 'them all' too, and short of boutique amps which were like.. thousands over my spending range, I still picked the Traynor. And Jazz.. well.. its clear. I cant really say about it's tone. It's bright, and clean sounding.