so im pretty sure im gonna get a Peavey 6505 or 6505+, but ive heard that the cleans arent that great, so im considering getting a chorus pedal, so if someone could help me saying few good ones it would be apreciated

the ones ive been looking at

Line 6 space chorus
Danelectro Fab Chorus (so cheap it might be worth it)
also, there is this washburn one that is pretty cheap also
well I got a TC electronics chorus bla bla bla... and its great but then it is 300 new^^
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I've got one of these (they're about $180) you can save four presets into it's memory then switch between them:

^ If you mean the Boss CE5 or CH1, they're not that great. I would check out an EHX small clone for simplicity.
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ive been looking at the small clone now, it seems nice, but im afraid that since its so simple, it might not be enough, probably it is more than i would ever need, but still, the line 6 with all the other stuff on it seems a bit more tempting