hey ,

can u use a distortion pedal (say the DS-1) with an overdrive pedal without it sounding crap?

or would u just get loads of crappy noise?

+will the DSL-401 do metal?
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It wont sound that bed if you have a noise gate.
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It could work well, I use an OD with my Big Muff (more of a fuzz pedal tho) and it sounds immense.

And the DSL will do metal with a bit of a boost, try a TSL though.
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DSL does great metal especially with an OD pedal, and yeah you can use an od into a distortion you might want a noise ghate though, unless your into doing experimental noise music.
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Adding more and more pedals in your rack causes you too lose more of the signal from your other pedals unless you balance it out some how, but if you have the DS-1 and you use a overdrive pedal you probably will only get less tone, and a more raspy distorted sound which I think doesn't sound good, but hey... thats just me.