What songs do you guys whip out when you've had a few drinks at a party and you stumble across a knackered old guitar, and everyone sings along in an awful voice. For me it's stuff like Travis' cover of "hit me baby one more time" and "wonderwall", "good riddance" (they have to be easy because I lose all control of my fingers when i'm smashed!) etc etc.
When I'm really drunk then a little song by Blink 182, called "f_u_c_k a dog"!
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I always play Classical Gas or Dee if it's an acoustic.

If it's an electric, I play More Than a Feeling.
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When I'm really drunk then a little song by Blink 182, called "f_u_c_k a dog"!

damn right, thats hilarious. i was just playing that as i was reading all these replies. it is so funny and really easy because its the same notes over and over again
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Play some Tenascious D. Some folk'll like that esp. when drunk. Play something by Chas 'n' Dave even though that's piano...
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i just downloaded that Blink track.

I usually cant think of any and get pissed off. My suggestions are dont worry be happy.

Anyone else?
garth brooks - friends in low places
dave matthews band - crash (for the ladies )
don mclean - american pie
foo fighters - everlong
alice in chains - rooster (this one has the funniest crowd vocal accompaniment i think... just imagine the WOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOH part)

those are the easiest ones that come to mind
or werewolves of london by warren zevon, the crowd participation possibilities are endless, awooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
grrr... dear penis? i forgot the artist but its damn fun hehehe
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grrr... dear penis? i forgot the artist but its damn fun hehehe

Rodney carrington...I think that how you spell his name...anyways he sings Dear penis
Some Stephen Lynch is awesome to play. All of his stuff is really simple and his songs are funny. Especially when you're drunk.
"Who's Got The Crack?" By The Libertines

Its a good song, dspite being them ****ing about in the studio.
Oasis are always easy partysongs, cause they rely so much on the guitar strumming, it becomes easy to know the tune.

also good riddance is easy, and most people know Green Day nowadays...
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