I only know two of this guy's acoustic instrumental songs from his days with Triumph, Midsummer's Daydream and Fantasy Serenade. I think they're awesome!!

Are there any other acoustic songs of his from his days with Triumph or his solo career you consider to be outstanding, or are the above named songs his best?


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He has quite a few from his days with Triumph, he used to try and put one on each album. The two you mentioned are probably the best ones, you might want to check out "A minor prelude" and "Gladhands" is a fun jazz piece, theres more but I cant think of them right now, they're all pretty good(some of them are a little boring). After Triumph broke up he put out several solo albums which were very heavy with acoustic instrumental pieces such as those, if you really like "Midsummers Daydream" you might want to look into that, regretably I never really got into his post Truimph solo stuff, but Im sure its really great stuff.