i've been playing for about 7 months now and am just looking up songs and learning them. is there a better way to learn to play...that would make learning songs easier? any help is appreciated...
take lessons os you can learn to read/play music from a book, it will get you moving your fingers better and faster.
practice........practice.........practice.......practice to a metronome to get faster.

play like scales and stuff and bump the metronome up a few beats where ever u can handle it.
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i find master of puppets a great song to learn, at any stage of guitar playing. you should be able to play it without any huge problems if youve been playing for 7 months as you said.

after 3 years of playing i still play that song as a warmup, just couse its so good
ya, thats how i got a lot better was just playing songs on UG from the tabs. I took lessons for a year and a third, but just playing tabs keeps your fingers fast (or helps them get faster), its good for just playing and playing songs you know is fun and keeps you motivated. All i did this summer was play guitar for like 4 hours a day just playing to a cd or something and ive noticed that even over this summer i can learn a song really quick now. So ya, the tabs are a really good way to practice. But, if you can, figure it out yourself, this trains the ear. If you cant, just go to tabs.
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dont play tabs by themselves, play the song too to make sure you have the timing down, and if you can, install applications like guitar pro or powertab