Hey! I was wondering for those who are into tone, if you can recommend me a tube amp I would like. I like a very clean and pure channel on the amplifier, that way I can add a distortion from one my pedals to get a blues rock sound. So far I have played only on the fender blues junior amp and some type of peavey amp, I haven't really explored that much on the variety of tube amps, but I still need help on the right direction to getting an amp with a smooth clean sound and rich harmonics.Is there any takers that can help out?
I'd say a Fender Blues Junior or a Plexi model.

Depends on your budget and needs.
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twin reverbs will have a very sparkly clean. the ac 30s will have some grit. great amp though
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fender twin reverb 65

best value fender blues junior it sounds absolutley amazing for what you pay for it, im hoping to get a reverb soon though
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Actually people keep saying Fender Twin Reverbs, and that is undoubtedly the cleanest amp you can buy. But pretty much any Fender tube amp is capable of very clean tones. Vox AC30s are also very clean amps, but if you're looking for one of those, find an older one, the new ones are, even though everyone denies this (perhaps they're just in love with the idea of owning an AC30 instead of listening to the amp), crap. I've played through more than enough of the new ones, and I have to say the older ones are much better than the new ones.