yea are they any good are they really anti rust cus i was thinking of buying a set so what do you guys think about them so thanks
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I have those exact strings and they sound amazing. Probaly 10 times better lol go with anti rust elixers!
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I got some last month, however my current strings havent broke, I'm intrested to learn if they are as good as some say they are.
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I just got the nanoweb ones, they literally never rust and they sound pretty good. The problem is that there like 12 bucks a set, but give em a try
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they are good till the coating starting to come off and its kind of annoying.. but an overall good string
elixir strings are the only way to go
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they dont rust on my 6 string bass and i've had that about 5 months now.

shame they cost £50 a set for my bass...
i got em.....they rock!
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They're all I use. They cost about twice as much as other strings, but really last three times as long. At least for me. But you should still wipe your strings down after playing.
I personally hate the elixer strings... I used a set of the acoustic strings on my acoustic guitar and they sound like crap. Then i tried a set of em on my electric and the E string broke in 2 weeks. I swear by D'Addario, they are AMAZING.
I just put a set of .10 nanoweb Elixirs on my electric, and I'll see how they turn out, I have some .11 polywebs on my acoustic as well, and they seem to sounds pretty nice.
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