Alright, it's coming close to my birthday and I have to make a decision. I currently have a cherry faded gibson sg special.

I'm CONSIDERING whether or not I should trade it in for this -


Since it's a Gibson, I'm sure I could sucker someone into buying it for what I payed for it (500 bucks) and dab on about a hundred more if I was a PM-20, but do you think that either would be worth it? What do you think of this guitar? Thanks.
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I say go for it. That PM-10 looks pretty nice and the reviews on it are all good. All depends on your comfort zone though, I personally wouldnt give up a gibson unless i was getting a Schecter of the same quality but that me.
any of you even played one?

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my grandma is dying and my mum wants me to play something on bass for her, any body got any suggestions?!

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another one bites the dust has a pretty cool bass line
Check out a used Bubinga topped Prestige S series or a new S470DXQM for $500 or less. Much of the same tonal versatility of the Parker with great playability/necks with a more traditional stratty shape. I love mine.