Does anybody know of any SG shredders? Just out of curiousity.
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Good question
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Zakk Wylde has used one once or twice, if you want to count him as a shredder?
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im an sg shredder..... during solos at least.....
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i dont know, not many "shredders' use Gibson, and even when they do they usually play les pauls.
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None taht i know of really, Iommi, but hes not a shredder
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Yeah I know someone who shreds an SG, hes pretty good at it too so I guess that answers your question.
well in my opinion an SG seems a lot more of a heavy rock rhythm sound, the neck is very thick so i assume it wouldnt be good to play at high speeds and the tone doesnt have much of a whiney tone that is associated with shredding.
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My lead guitarist had an Gibson SG standard with EMGs for a while. Sounded amazing and he could shred just fine on it.
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Does anybody know of any SG shredders? Just out of curiousity.

ME! nah but im getting there, if i go big then this will change... i saw this guy on youtube doing some crazy legato **** but thats about it...
the lead guitarist in my punk band "committed to apathy" has an sg and he rocks on it
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I played quickly quite easily on an SG just today. that lack of lower hornyness really makes for easy access... if it had 24 frets and a thicker core (so as to put in a floyd) it'd be a helluva shredtar.