I have a krank krankenstein head and i was wondering if i can take 2 of the power tubes out so i can play it getting the full tube sound, right now it's too loud with all 4 tubes even playing with other people, so can i take 2 tubes out and which ones do i take out??
Some say yes, some say no.

Im in the no catergory, but people say either the two inner or two outer ones!!!!?
Depends on the amp. Either two outer, or two inner. You should half the speaker load.

Don't sue me if something bad happens, it depends on the amp.
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You could take the less "accidently breaking the amp way" and get yourself an attenuator. Though depending on your amps wattage it could cost you anywhere from $75 to $200.


If you're amp is 50 watts or lower I'd suggest the MiniMass I got that one and the things fantastic, doesn't colour the tone at all and gets great tube break up... I'm not sure but I think Pink_Queen has one aswell, maybe he can vouch for their quality as well.
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