ive spent hours pouring over ebay auctions, looking for that perfect deal, as im sure all of you have, or will be doing shortly. we get a lot of questions about ebay, so post your "is this a good buy" questions and what not in here. i am also going to put up some tips that ive discovered along the way as a reference for good deals and terrible deals.

BAD DEALS:there are usually some tell tale traits of ****ty basses on ebay.

1. bad bridges-seriously, manufactorers wouldnt put a nice bridge on a crap bass model

2. unnamed pick-ups-if it doesnt say what type, chances are they suck

3. # of knobs-sounds stupid, but a manufactorer wont spend the money on electronics if its a cheapy bass, 3/4 is safe, more is better

4 year- i say older the better, if its old and in good condition, either it was taken care of or just completely disregarded and not touched, either is an excellent opportunity for a cheaper bass. people selling brand new basses, especially packages or unopened basses are usually selling off crap just to make money, or are power sellers selling from an actual store, in which case they are selling for top dollar.

5. seller- if they are selling many basses or accessaries, look for that little slide show towards the bottom that shows everything else they are selling. this means its a store or a guy who makes way too much money off of ebay. the best people to buy from are people who are reluctant to sell it but have to, like classifieds people.

6. johnson basses suck

7. if there is no make but it looks very familiar, there is a chance the person just doesnt know what it is, so google the make you think it is and compare


1. make- well known make, well known model, and 35-50% less than the store value. less than 50-60% of the store value usually means there is something very wrong with it.

2. more than 5 strings-these are hard to find in stores, and very very easy to find on ebay


1. SELLER!!!!!!-read all his feedback comments and look at his positive rating scores. you want someone who's more like a local person selling it because he has to, you dont want a seller thats an ebay store proprieter, they just want your money and dont care about your bass

2. dont spend more than you have, remember, you need to pay them as soon as possible

3. try it- this is tricky, but see if you can find the same model of the bass your interested in at a store, play it there, and then go home and decide. unfortunately, set-ups are different, and so are model years, so just use it as a basic guide for the bass your bidding on, it may be better or worse than the one in the store.

let me kow if theres anything i missed or screwed up completey
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Search for common brands spelled wrong - they sell cheaper because people don't see them.
^they're also sometimes copys. A knock off company can get away with it easier if the spell it ibaniz. But if it is obvious by pictures it's the real thing. Yeah your right. Also look for the peeling of any words on headstock. Peeling sticker= copy 99 perecent of the time. The more finish errors the better (if you can fix them yourself). If you've seen the same instrument 15 times with the same titles its probably a knockoff.