i know i posted this b4 but know one seemed to know but im gona give it another shot because i really wana find out how to get it right. okay in the war pigs solo (the 2nd one) by black sabbath it says do this -

+E T +T S T +T E T +T E T +T S +S T +T E

the formating kinda got messed up there but you get the picture.

so i cant figure this out and i really wana nail this song so any help would be thankful. thanks
send me the link to the tab and ill help u out. im assuming u want someone to tell u what it is saying and not to show u how cause i cant help u there but i can tell u how to play it if thats what ur wondering
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from the 7, hammer on the 9 reapeatedly (trill)
then bend the 9 until it pitch matches the 11th fret
release bend the 11th to the 9th

thats my guess, im not familiar with the song.
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yauh that makes alot more since then what i was thinking. i thot it ment pull off from 9 to 7 then hammer on 9 and then bend 9 and 11. and he plays it fast on the cd. and when i tried it that way im like no way i could never play it that fast itd just be to much. but yauh i think your right. ill campare it to the cd late. i could defenelly play it just as fast as he does by doing it your way thanks.