Does anyone else like this odd combination as much as I do? After a year of listening to straight death and black metal, then moving to more classic rock, classic metal and plain classical music, bands such as nightwish, after forever and epica sound beautiful.
I love that stuff. Tristania, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Leave's Eye's....most gothic metal bands use "beauty and the beast" vocals.
Yeah, Goth-metal bands with chicks sound great, however, bands like Otep, eeehhh...in my opinion no so much. However, Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy is pretty awesome.
I find it interest, to be honest. Since many Metal bands have guy singers and a few girl ones. Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil for me so far. I still forget to check out Epica.
Therion, and the ones above. There's another one that Liv Tyler does the clean vox in, but I can't remeber the name..
UneXpect has a chick singer.
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Well (Arch Enemy) there are some cool (Angela Gossow) metal bands with girls in them.
Like Arch Enemy for instance.
Lacuna Coil and Draconian are my favs
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Try Delain it's a project from a guy who used to be in After Forever and people from Epica, Nigthwish, Leaves' Eyes, Within Temptation, La Crimosa and others bands worked on it . It's quite new and the album debuted last week here but I think it's a nice album.

Meh I can't usually get into the sound of it, as much as I think it's cool when a chick gets into metal, I really just don't dig how it sounds over the music, unless she's growling like Angela Glossow and you can't even notice lol.

And I wanna give a notable mention to a local band called "Solarthorn" their chick vocalist (who's about 16 or 17) does a pretty mean black metalesque scream, you can get some of their stuff on their site www.solarthorn.com and just go to Mp3s to the right.
Don't forget the earlier Theatre of Tragedy and The Gathering. Both great bands.

Within Temptation too, especially their first album.
yep, early Within Temptation is a lot better than their new stuff. Edenbridge is definitely worth mentioning too. Not too heavy, but still probably to be considered metal. And I want the guitarists lead tone.
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I haven't heard any good ones. Augury nearly did it, but I find myself skipping through the songs with the female vocals.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Flyleaf, but boy does her voice bother me. (no pun intended).

Flyleaf isn't metal
3rd and the Mortal, although the metalness of their material after Tears Laid in Earth is debatable.
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