I've got two questions. For one, is the form for the major sale the same from all starting points? (I.e, you can play the same form wether starting from g on the low e string, a on the low e string, etc.) and 2... can somebody explain why there are more than 7 notes on these scales? I read that a scale is note through i's octave, and while this isn'tthat important right now, I'd still like to know.
1. I'm not quite sure what you mean, but if you are talking about from the root note, than yes the pattern is the same.
2. It's more that one octave of the same scale.
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it's not only one octave. if you take one pattern, the root note is the note that determines which scale it is. for instance if you take a C major scale, and move it one fret up, it becomes the C#/Db major scale.
i think u mean u only have the first pattern, theres 7 patterns so say your playing starting at 5th fret you will play the first pattern then the second will start at 7th fretand so on if your playing the major scale in A. If your talking about moving this scale around yes you can move it to different start points i. e if you want to play the scale in A you start at 5th fret and go through the scale, if you want C you start at 8th fret and so on all with th esame pattern