Just kidding, but i made a song, with two tracks of me and a drum machine earlier, and i wanted to know what everyone thought of it so. Here it is.

I made a pretty obvious mistake in the middle of it so, just try to ignore it. Also, this is only like 35 seconds long, but bare with me, and tell me your opinions anyway please. For better quality you may download it from the site.

Added some new parts...well like 2. its around 1:20 seconds or something now. Its got a clean part in it. Check it out here
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That kicked mucho ass! I didnt hear the mistake though.

What kind of drum machine are you using?
Well, its drumming software, really. Its called Acoustica Beatcraft. i think you can just find it at www.acoustica.com. It comes with a 7 day free trial, and after that its 40 dollars to buy, I believe. You can do alot of crap with it.
I really liked that, didn't hear any mistakes either thanks for the drum machine link aswell, it's what I've been lookin' for.