Does anybody have any tips on how to get your left and right hands coordinated so that you only play the notes your fretting once? I know it's a bad explanation but when im playing fast I fret a note with my left hand I play the note more than once because my hands aren't coordinated.

If anyone has any advice or tips on how to coordinate them I'd have your babies.

(Im asking because we're playing some really fast stuff in my school band. It's nuts )
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Buy a metronome and gradually build up speed. worked for me
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I agree with innocent victim start slow and work your way up to speed instead of just trying to rush through it in one go
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I just memorize the frettings and look at my right hand to keep it coordinated.
Try to keep your left hand "ahead of the game". If you're already fretting a note as you finish playing the previous one, it helps a smoother sound a lot.
Still, you should try to work your speed up slowly.
I just picked up on it. Just practice.

If ur going to ask how long for, practice as much as you want. If you want to get good faster you will practice alot.

Try practicing scales aswell.
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You're trying to get ahead of yourself in your ability (no offence). You need to slow things down again and build up to fast speeds. You cant just decide one day you want to play really fast. your hands are basically telling you to f*ck off right now, so you need to sloooooooooow it down. Playing bass is like making love to a beautiful woman: If you cant do it slowly, you cant do it quickly.
tap your fingers on your desk during school. I get in trouble for it all the time but yeah. I never did it for your reason but it probably would help