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seriously dude...this has less point than the war at home...

NOT COOL that show owns.. and how long have you been playing for... sorry for the assholes.. but this should go in the new members.. you won't get flamed
Quote by epiphonist13
seriously dude...this has less point than the war at home...

hey man, some of the jokes on that show make me chuckle from time to time.

seriously tho ur gonna get reported if u continue 2 make thse threads man..
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Because there's no point in being on the Internet of you're not gonna act like an arrogant prick.
Wow, Sweetie, that was sooo helpful. What a nice guy you are.

Mech, what is it that's giving you trouble? Basic chords, scales, barre chords, something
else? Do your fingers not want to stay over the fingerboard? Are you not strong enough,
yet, to be consistent?

Hit me with some specifics, and I might have some specific advice.

For now, make sure you fretting hand is relaxed. The only muscles you should use are
the ones pushing down the strings. Slow down what you're trying to play, and keep
on practicing. It took me a couple of years to teach my fingers how to do what I want,
but it was worth it. Be patient, don't get frustrated. The hard work you're doing now
will make it even sweeter when you can do it right.
Sorrry to piss everyone off. Yea, just new to the guitar. Just started a couple of weeks ago. I think its a few things, for one my dexterity, I'm sure it will come with practice. And finger strength. The strings arnt hurting my fingers anymore tho so thats a plus. I am trying some simple stuff like "I walk the line", its getting there, but I get an occasional buzz, or dead string... Some of the chords crowd my fingers also. I try different placements but my fingers arnt cooperating... I will keep practicing, thanks for the help! Again, sorry to piss people off.
I don't think anyone is pissed (exept people who think this thread belongs elsewhere, and screw 'em). You are very new to this site, and, more importantly, new to the guitar. Don't
let yourself get upset about anything. It takes time and effort to be able to do anything well. To be able to play the guitar takes fine motor skills that not many people have by nature and even those who do have to develop.

Take your time! Don't try to rush yourself, or you will get frustrated. If you were taking lessons from me we would spend several lessons just learning how to play along while counting to 4. Since you are just beginning, look up basic lessons. don't try to get ahead
of yourself. You won't be able to play rock-n-roll if you can't count rhythms. Some people think they can, but they don't do it well.

I have made my living as a musician for the last 8 years because I know how to count the
rhythms and know how to make the chord changes. I started when I was a kid counting whole notes and whole rests; then it was half notes and half rests; and so on... When you
pick up the guitar and immediately think you're a rock star, you have no idea of what it takes to play music.

My advice, as before, is patience. Take your time. Slow things down. Think about the beat.
Think about what you're trying to play and how it fits in with the music you are trying to play
with. At this point, the beat is all important. Get yourself a metronome. Pick something to
learn. Set the metronome way low. Learn one part at a time.

If you do this, you will learn what you want to learn correctly, in time, and you will be able to do it every time. Most people who learn on their own can't play things correctly and in time.

Hope this helps.