"Whoever wants peace,
Let them prepare for war."

Marching steadfast
Into the hell
Fury and chaos
It's them that have made us
Into who we are
The city's burning
Down to the ground
Fall down to your knees
Cut your men down with ease
Hear machineguns roar

The motherland's crying
Our people are dying
Don't take a step back
Stand your ground and attack
The facists I pity
They won't take this city
Take mercy from God
(spoken) There's none in Stalingrad

Evil's among us
God save us all
Streets filled with battle
Men slaughtered like cattle
For an unknown cause
Surrounded, outnumbered
Our fate has come
Wait here for death
Or fight to your last breath
And push them out of town


Hell is here in Russia
The city of Stalingrad
German offensive, it is impressive
The city's ours in the name of God

Not much of a lyricist, but I thought it would make for a cool metal song or something. I know it seems like it has a weird rhyming pattern, but thats kinda was I was going for. Please tell me what you think (loved, liked, hated, suggestions, ideas, etc.)
aha you sorta stole the intro from bodom a little bit... kinda but im sure its been done

if you want peace prepare for war