Okay, i have a 350 quid budget, and i want a new guitar to use in a band with a hatebreed/deftones genre mix band i've been in for a while.

I like the les paul and sg shaped bodies, but i need something with a really hard sound, and something with a deep chugging sound for palm muted riffs.

Any ideas?
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dude go out to guitar center and try guitars.

its like me asking u what i should do with the rest of my life.
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It doesnt have the body style you want, but i always recomend The ibanez rg321 due the fact that i want to have sex with mine.
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go for a rickenbacker, but if you want something you like a nice les paul never hurt anyone
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Dude, Ibanezs are always good... but I play a fender strat and that is the most versital guitar i have and know of. You can't make a Les Paul sound like a fender but you can make a Fender sound like a Les Paul.

Also the amp is really important as far as the sound you want.... NO FENDER AMPS EVER!!!!!