Alright i know this thread might get moved but I noticed a lot of people looking and asking for a better guitar than their starter but can't really spend a lot of money. There is a company that came out a couple of years ago from some guys that left martin, called Timberline. Seriously these are handmade, all solid body guitars for less than a grand. I know that sounds hard to believe but its true I ordered one and I hang with the big boys and their taylors and martins... It is worth it...but you know I'm just throwing that out there...defintly worth it. I have never had any problem with my and I get amazing tone...everyone should at least look at these guys their great!
and i smell the stink of people that are just being stupid. I'm not trying to do anything but give people some other options. sheez when did the world become so uptight and full of accusations. I was just telling people that if they are looking for a quality instrument check in with them. but then again its all up too you. I'm just trying to let people know whats avaiable