I'm looking for a nice tube amp. for any sort of music, mainly classic rock and blues. So, are fender twin reverbs anygood? How much do they cost? Done they sound good? all I want to know is do you recomend them.
I think fender twins are considered the flagship fender amp. They'll put you back 1000-2000 though, depending on which model you want.

I briefly played with one at a guitar center, and I liked it. I'd recommend it if you didn't mind putting the money down for it, it should suit classic rock and blues just fine.
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Be prepared though...they are LOUD...not that it's a bad thing, but if you don't need that kind of projection (like if you're not playing medium-large clubs) then it will be a beast in the bedroom and garage. And it never distorts...your ears will bleed before the amp distorts, it's all clean. I've owned one and built a couple of rigs around it, and even with a couple of tube screamers it won't distort (it will just compress and naturally overdrive quite nicely). If you don't need that much power, you might want to look into a Fender Deluxe Reverb...they're kinda like the Twin's little brothers.

As far as the kind of music you're looking to play (classic rock/blues) I don't think the twin will be the amp for you unless you're looking for a really clean BB King sound.
The cleans on the Twins are the best modern clean you will find. Argueably I would say the best cleans ever come from the vintage Bassman (Still fender) so there's also a good history in their products. In terms of OD/Distortion you can pedal that with something like a Radial, or even an overdrive pedal. You can easily hit whatever Zeppelin/Hendrix/Other classic rock tones you're looking for with those. It makes a really nice set up, at a mid-semi high cost.
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^A DS1 would be a bad choce. An overdrive would be much better.

Great amps. Grab a vintage one.
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listen to the band explosions in the sky, both of them use a fender twin for recording i believe:

i know for sure the one guitarist plays through a twin, i think both do.
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It'll suit classic rock and blues fine with an OD or 2, but it's not gonna' get much gain by itself without really, really cranking it, it's meant to be clean and loud.
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^Depends what for, but if you want more than just a loud clean tone, go for something like an AC30.
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both the AC-30 and the Twin are tube amps, unless you're talking about something else.
the twin is a great, very loud and clean. just put an overdrive in front of it and your good
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I'm considering this amp as well. I don't know what kind of pedal to throw in front of it though.