anybody know what kind of bass guitar i should get i just began playing guitar in june and i am getting better at it.my friend needs a bass player and i think i could play. i played bass before and it pretty easy i just dont know kind i should get.
Real bass playing isnt easy. Root noteing garbage is. Im asuming you are going to play with a pick right?

With that said, all lower end ibanez's always felt really good to me, or if you dont care about tone get a squire.
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Squire P-Bass Stater Kit. Great package for the price. And stop bashing on squiers, the tone is not that bad.
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what do u mean by budget?

How much are you willing/do you have to spend?
Fender Standard Jazz basses feel great...i like them a lot more than precisions. they cost about 400-450
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