hey how is it going guys and gals just wonderin what your guys thoughts are on a good shred guitar im thinkin of getting a jackson dinky or mabye a jackson king v i looking for a gutar with a fast neck my old faithful les paul neck is a little bulky what kind of guitar should i look at also im thinking of getting a guitar with a floyd rose ive heard that if you change strings its hard to get tunned back and do they really bring your guitar back in tune every time thanks any advice would be helpful
I'd reccommend an Ibanez. They're all mostly good, but the prestige series is where it's at. Don't worry about the maintenence, etc. They aren't as finnicky as everyone makes them out to be.
**** Ibanez.
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ibanrez rg1570 i hear are great i got a few ibanezes and they're great,edge pro trems i hear are good ,edge pro II's i hear suck
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if you go ibanez Check out both the RG and the S prestige series, see which you prefer.
If you are going the jackson route check out the Soloist and the Dinky.
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If you need to ask advice on what guitar to get for shred then I don't know what this world has come to.
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A good floyd rose will bring your guitar back in tune every time. They are hard to change strings and probably harder to switch tunings. I've never changed either on mine yet but I hear it's bad.

How much money you got?
ill just churn out another ibanez awnser, seriously there is a reason why somany faster/metal guitarists play them. my 1991 rg 560 has one of the thinnest necks made.
Ibanez , but then again I think they are the best guitars for everything!
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