The Pink Spiders are going on tour with Good Charlotte.

I can believe it, but I don't want to.

Has anyone heard their new album? I've been waiting for someone to steal it (because I don't think it's worth getting caught stealing that piece of ****).

Man, we opened for these assholes like a year ago. Josh from Thomas Function used to be in this band, and my favorite waitress in Waffle House was in the original incarnation of this band that was like fast hardcore, but had the same snotty image.

Oh well, they only put out one really good record, their first. Hot Pink was allright.

Discuss what you think of this, and what you think of "underground" bands in general doing ****ty things like this or is it or is it not a ****ty thing to do, using underground DIY punk rock as a stepping stone to bigger stardom.

It's actually a pretty complicated issue (if you look at it from both perspectives).

And if we as punks generally tend to agree that it is a bad thing for bands to use DIY punk rock as a platform for larger stardom how do we know if we're being used or infiltrated and what are good ways to stop this?

I'd like this thread to be more discussion rather than just "OMG... SELL OUTZ!!!!11!!!".

Yeah, they sold out, but what can we do about it?

I know this has been a problem that punks have tackled since the '70's but maybe we can cover some new ground or something (even though alot of you may think it's been said before).

My opinion on the whole thing is that, ****ty things like this happen from time to time because of the trusting nature of DIY punk rock. I can call someone in Fargo, North Dakota and tell them I'm in a band and they'll give me a show without knowing me or anything about my band (I do this in Huntsville all the time whenever we have a venue). It's really ****ing cool and awesome, but sometimes we get ****ty people involved with this, our trusting nature. I guess a good way to do it is create a network of friends that sets up shows for one another (which is what alot of the DIY scene revoles around right now) but the problem with that is, is that DIY starts to feel like a social club that alot of kids aren't invited to if they don't know the "right" people or live in a "cool punk rock" city. I felt that way trying to book Nestor Makhno's tour and asking Plan-It-X bands for help. They shut me out of all of their resources (which could have helped me and several other kids in Huntsville alot), but because we're not part of their little group of friends they won't help us with shows until we do something for them. I think it's really lame. Of course there are these groups of friends that are extremely open and accepting and willing to add new people to them (The kids in Milwaukee, Chattanooga, Oakland and Asheville). But of course we can't all be those cities, and we shouldn't all want to be those cities either, we should each work to create something unique for ourselves in our own towns but at the same time be open for everyone else.

I don't know all of what I think about this. It's really complicated. I'll respond more to other people opinions to.
Wow, that was very misleading. I clicked it with a "Wtf?" expression on my face.

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I think that if you're serious about DIY and the music, then you won't ever be in a situation like the Pink Spiders. I can't really say anything about them because the only song I've ever heard by them is the one with the video and I've never met them, but I can guess that they weren't committed to punk 100%. I'm not saying that they didn't care about it, but maybe they didn't really have a passion like some people (such as yourself) have. It really is more complicated than it seems.
I don't know if there's any way to check if someone is 100% comitted to music. I mean I could never see a band like the Can Kickers on MTV. But people said that about Against Me! about 6 or 7 years ago. The first few times I saw the Pink Spiders they seemed to care just as much as all the other DIY touring bands do, I guess because that's how they were living (they lived off touring back then, which I guess was a pretty good sign, but lots of punk bands will quit their jobs, stop paying rent and whatnot to go on the road like the Can Kickers, Quest For Fire/Catholic Boys, Tulsa et. al.).
I guess sometimes bands have to do crazy things to get where they want to go. Sure the Pink Spiders didn't do the smartest thing but maybe they're thinking they can make it back up when they actually make it big..you never know. You can't ever tell what a band is thinking when they do something like that, you don't know what they're thinking..Maybe you just need to put yourself in their shoes. I mean, seriously, Good Charlotte? Not saying they actually make good or bad music, but they're a big band. Something like that doesn't come along very often.
I don't think that there's any way to check either. I don't really know what to think about this. I wonder what Against Me! or bands in similar situations had to tell themselves to justify "selling out".
They have made it big though and they're not giving anything back. They got our venue shot down in Huntsville and they didn't do anything to help us other than to say "oh that sucks". Huntsville was a city that they always got a huge turn out in and many times saved their tours back in the early days. The band even originated here. It just pisses me off even more when I look at a band like the Max Levine Ensemble who are moderatley well known but put so much effort into their community.


I'm not saying this is an absolute fact, but my bassist knows the bassist from Against Me! really well, because he's from Huntsville, and said that he had a ton of bastard children. I guess when you have kids and no other skills but playing music that alot of people happen to like, your priorities change a little bit. On the other end of the spectrum though you have bands like Requiem whose guitarist is a dad but he chooses not to get a job to feed his family and feeds his kid out of dumpsters and then goes on 3 month long tours at a time and then gets arrested in California for shoplifting something worth 7 dollars.
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If a band can do that after promoting DIY earlier, then I smell a nasty group of people within that band.

Good Charlotte.

Imagine the money they could give back to the punk scene and maybe show the Good Charlotte fans what punk is. However, I'm sure it won't happen. Sorry, but Sell Out.
My friend gave me a copy of the new album. It sounds rather...castrated. Think The Queers being produced by the guy from The Cars, cause that's exactly what it is.
Good Charllote are still around?

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Sure, I promote DIY, but as long as theyre having fun, who cares how famous they are?

And I love the Pink Spiders, and it's not a surprise to me.

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The Pink Spiders were on SPAT records here in Nashville. And I'll tell ya, they wanted to hit it big from the get go. They set thier goal and went out and did what it took to achieve t. I personally can't stand thier music, or them. But they wanted to be on the radio, they wanted to be on a mjaor label, and they wanted to be on MTV. So they worked hard and did it. Not everyone wants to be DIY thier whole career. And the Spiders are one of those bands. And if ya think about it, almost every band that has ever existed started out as DIY. Its not like they had labels just waitin for them to form. They had to make thier own flyers, thier own merch, thier own demos, ect.

I personally don't think I'd want to be on a major label, but I sure as hell would like a good indie label that could help with promotions, distributione, ect. Would also love a booking agent so ya don't have to worry about anything except showing up and playing. After two yrs. of doing booking, promotions, getting merch together, trying to get distro for our CD's, and all the other stuff that goes with it, alot of times I didn't even fee like playin a show. Was too burnt out.
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I saw a flyer for an upcoming Pink Spiders show.
I'm really happy about this, because everytime a flyer for a band goes up in this particular store, the bands seem to suffer afterwards.

Looking forward to news of the Pink Spiders breakup and demise.

There was also a flyer for a new Lower Class Brats release.
Looking forward to their demise, as well.

Life is good.
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