Girl in the wind

To my girl in the wind
give me your hand and lets begin
to walk up the side of the coldest mountain
with the most chilling wind

through the plains and under blue skies
we can leave this place behind

sometimes when you stand there
through the wind blowing your hair
I get to thinking how much I love life
but I'm a hypocrite still

if you look close enough
you can still see something sweet inside of me
but that's hidden far too deep to see
so maybe it's best for you and me
if I just leave you in the wind

Something I've been working on for a week
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The last line in the first verse needs changing, you are refering to a girl on the wind whom (I'm assuming) you care for but then you reference climbing the "coldest mountain with chilling wind so-and-so" just doesn't work

Nothing terrible but not something I think is worth noting.