I don't know, but in my limited time playing solid-body so far, I'm very drawn to the style of Ibanez, the price ranges, and the fact that my guitar teacher is a big fan of them (he'll admit that he still loves a $2K Gibson, but he gigs with Ibanez's, and considers the RG line the best bang-for-the-buck there is).

Now, I'm very interested in the Artcore series, but I'll admit it's mostly the look (and the price) - what types of music is this for? If I'm plugged into a loud amp or a POD, will I hear any difference? I see a lot of bands playing with these lately (Raconteurs, Keane, a lot of other alt-rock, non-metal acts). Or is it just a fad to have the oversize body and the f-holes to add some style?

And if you tell me these are totally worth it and all that, then of course I'm going to ask you how to pick one model from the other...
They're jazz/blues/light-rock guitars. NOT FOR METAL! Unless you want a wall of feedback as your tone.
I will show you something different from either
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they are very nice guitars but certainly not for metal, however for smooth jazzy lines and godlikeclean tones, hollowbody electrics are truley the coolest. added to that is the bonus that it is a beauty of a guitar and yo can practise without being plugged in
I really wanted of one these a while back (the one with the fake bigsby). I played one at Guitar Center a few times. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The guitar had an overall "cheap" feeling to it. It does ring out nicely unplugged, but the stock pickups are total sh*t.

With new pickups and new tuners (dont even think of using that bigsby without locking tuners) it could be a decent guitars. But there are some other companies who make good hollowbody's in that pricerange also. Check out SX's and Agiles from RondoMusic.net. Peavy also makes a good ES-335 copy for around $400 I believe..
My cousin bought one...It's not good for anything heavier than Alternative. Sounds alright with blues, pretty good on alternative or jazz. It handles pretty well...But I'd look for something else. But from what you said you like in music, the guitar might suite you well.
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I bought one (ea83? sa83? I forget) and its alright. It doesn't have a tremelo. I paid $280 for it with a hard case, so I'd try to drive a hard bargain with those guitar center jerks trying to sell it for $340. I play through a Mesa F30 and honestly, the artcore had FABULOUS tone coming through there. It does feedback pretty easily and it does 'feel' cheap (especially to the $2k gibson I was comparing it to) but for $280 its a good toy and I could gig with it.
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i have 15 guitars mostly old but the ibanez artcore is my favourite, i would love a 70's ibanez lawsuit hollowbody now... but they are rare