I'm discouraged - I have some pieces of gear from "when I didn't know better", and have started moving up to "starting to get a clue level" - the problem is, it's not worth the hassle for $20 and $30 things to mess with eBay, and craigslist is literally SATURATED with overpriced crap, fake ads, duplicate ads, etc., so my small-potatoes stuff gets lost in the shuffle.

So if I have a couple BOSS pedals I don't want, a Squier, an old cheap practice amp, etc., where's the best place to dump this stuff? Just take the almost-zero price I get from MusicGoRound or GuitarCenter and be happy?
I would just take the price from GC, not just money back though, they usually give you a better deal if you trade it in for credit on something else.
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amp clips
amp vids
trade them all seperatly. youll get more

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