My friend just got me into this band. Anyone like them or heard of them?
heard of em' john scofield's in it, hes good but i havent actually heard the band though
Yea they are insane, i got a chance to see em in june in pitts., PA. The guitarist Eric Krasno is amazing. They do a cover of Hendrix's Crosstown Traffic with RObert Randolph its real good
Pretty good stuff, it's accessible and funky. They helped me get into jazz. But i can't say i listen to them often anymore.

You could check out Roy Hargrove's project if you haven't already: The R.H. Factor. It's sort of similar, in the sense that it's accessible and enjoyable jazz with elements of funk, hip-hop and soul. I believe they made two albums, i only have Hard Groove but it's worth giving a try. I love their cover of the Funkadelic song I'll Stay.
This band has grown on me so much lately. Has anybody heard their version of Crosstown Traffic?
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?