I wanna buy a new electric guitar in the range of 1500$ maximum i also wanna buy a new amp but i don't have much experince in musical equpmants.I like to play diffrenet styles from Brayn Adamas to Megadeth so plz can anyone help me on this.
Yay for another person who doesn't know enough about guitars to buy a new one. Being a jerk aside, you can't have someone tell you what kind of guitar to buy. You have to go and check every single one you can get your hands on out over and over until you find what fits you best.

I personally think Ernie Ball and Schecter make the best factory guitars on the planet. That's because they fit me (and they don't overcharge for useless upgrades...I'm talkin' 'bout you, Gibson). Go to a guitar shop and try different axes out until your fingers bleed.
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ibanez RG prestige 1570? should be perfect for metal stuff, my rg is pretty good for cleans as well. escpecially with a few smart pickup upgrades.
go for a tube amp or a ss if your doing mostly metal oriented