I have playing guitar for almost 3 years now and I think I'm decent for playing that long. I have been using my fingers to pick for most of the time and I'm used to that. Anyways I was practicing YYZ and when playing the faster parts, my fretting hand gets ahead of my picking hand since I can only downstroke. So I was thinking if it could be easier doing the faster parts with a pick since you can easily alternate your strokes. I was also thinking that it could be possible to use a thumb pick and alternate between finger picking and using the pick when needed. I'm really hoping for some input and tips on the different picking styles.
I prefer using picks, but I never use my fingers unless I'm playing my acoustic, each to his own I guess
When you say that you fingerpick, what exactly do you mean? Do you use all your fingers? Are you strumming with your thumb?
Depending what sound you want your could use either.
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forget finger picking, LEARN HOW TO ALTERNATE PICK!!! If you cant do that, then you are LOADS behind.
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well actually dont forget finger picking, as it is very useful in many styles of music, but alternate picking is essential and if youve been playing for 3 years and cant do that, your in trouble my friend.
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