i need songs to learn and expand my musical vocabulary. i dont have money for cds every day, and dialup keeps me from downloading off the internet. is there some like walmart bargain bin i could maybe find something to learn in, or like anything? maybe suggest a cd or two that has a lot of songs on it to be good to learn different music but is good for learning even if you dont like the band? any ideas would help, because i dont want to get stuck with only a few influences, keeping my ability to make up music limited.
Ask friends to burn cds for you.

Well, buy cds and ask friends if they can burn you copies of their cds.
If you don't already own Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced?" album, it has a lot of good guitar licks. Some are easy and others are not replicable, but it's a must own for all guitarists.

Another option is used CD stores.
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If you want to expand your influences, why not start with the very root of most music today. That is the blues. A big plus is that since older (yet still amazing) blues cds are not in as high demand they are usually much cheaper. The other day i bought an amazing blues box set (5 cds) for like 10 bucks.
bah, you dont need cd's anymore. just download 'Guitar-Pro.' it will take a couple of hours to download, but once you have it on your computer it's fast. just find the songs on UG, download them (takes a couple of seconds), and jam. each song has music that plays with it. just hit the green play button and you'll see the magic.
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Here are some cd's you might find in a "walmart bargain bin," that are fairly easy to get into..... a lot of greatest hits and big name albums by classic, common bands....

Gun's 'n' Roses ~ Greatest Hits
Pearl Jam ~ Greatest Hits
RHCP~ Stadium Arcadium (its you avatar so I am assuming you allready have it), Californication
RATM~ The Battle of Los Angeles
Sublime ~ Greatest Hits
Nirvana ~ Nevermind, In Utero
Metallica ~ Master of Pupets, The Black Album
System of a Down ~ Toxicity
Radiohead ~ OK Computer
The Offspring ~ Greatest Hits
KoRn ~ Follow the Leader
Foo Fighters ~ In Your Hounor
Everlast ~ Whitey Ford Sings the Blues
Incubus ~ Make Yourself
Oasis ~ What's the Story, Morning Glory?
Disturbed ~ The Sickness

Like I said, a lot of common essntials and classics....
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