Is this true:

The heavier gauge a string, the less likely it is to buzz against frets when playing?

I currently play an Ibanez SZ720FM using D'Addario XL120 strings which are .009 - .042. I have to set my action relatively high to avoid string buzzing against any frets. With these strings, I also have to loosen my truss rod nearly all the way to get that .3 - .5mm gap over the 8th fretwire.

I am considering putting in heavier strings for two reasons -- 1) to increase tension on my neck and get the proper bow when tightening the truss rod. And 2) assuming my first statement is true, reduce any string feedback, buzz, etc. I had also heard that heavier strings sound better. On the downside, heavier strings can be more difficult to bend.

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback greatly welcomed!!

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yes on the same set up the thicker strings will give you more generaly action though nothing that a set up wont help.

yeh they generally sound fuller but thats up to the user. also yeh they are hard to bend but you soon get used to them and will be able to find them easy to bend.

now just cos of what i said dont got putting on a set of 13's generally move them up one gauge at a time so 10's or even 11's will do fine then you can set the guitar up then after your done you can put a thicker gauge on