Aaagh! Real angry lately, as ive been trying really hard (harder than usual) to get those chromatic scales down (6-9 frets).

I even did 30 straight minutes of the scale, i mean without any break, 30 whole minutes.

Now what really bothers me, is the more i practice, the worse i seem to get! whenever i try to play any faster than what i practiced at, i feel like my hands arent doing the same thing, and somethings pulling me back. I know that either of my hands by themselves could do that speed well, but for some reason somethings wrong.

Im mad because ive payed EXTRA SPECIAL attention to my fretting technique, and to make sure there is no tension in my arms, etc. I need advice about this now, im really stressing.

Side note: my other licks and stuff are doing fine, and im improving in other areas, its just that darn chromatic scale from 6th to 9th fret that i always do.
You're sure you're doing the same thing with a metronome long enough and just working yourself up slowly? If you are then I don't see why you shouldn't be making progress.
That actually happened to me before. I was practicing Hysteria doing the slow and steady technique, and if I screwed up, I'd do it a little slower and try again, until I got it the right speed. Then the next day when I tried to play it I was completely uncoordinated and screwed it up 99% of the time. I still really haven't fixed that.. same thing happened when I was learning the "Cage" bass solo (by Dir en grey). I'm gonna completely relearn those soon, because it annoys the hell out of me. While I can do things like "Sea of Lies" well, I still can't do those cleanly.
no way....!!!

i actually have the same problem with hysteria too lol. i just figured that was to do with how i dont usually do fast riffs with open strings (well its not that fast, but you know what i mean)
I know this helps me with speed:

Practice the thing with a metronome, increasing the speed slowly until you've hit your maximum speed. Play it a bunch of times at that speed. The next day, back it off a few clicks and work your way up to however fast you can go. Repeat daily. You should be seeing slow increases in speed.
At the moment i am doing the same kind of thing with a major scale over two octaves. I start at around 120bpm and then every five mins or so i up the tempo by 5. i end up on 160 after a while and settle there. i do that for like a week or so, then i start at 130bpm and work my way up to 170 etc.. I am now at 180 just, but with a few mistakes on the way back down. So now i am having to back off to 175 for a good week to get it drilled in. I think you are doing it correctly, but perhaps you should spend longer at a slightly slower speed until it is near second nature and then up gradually, maybe by 1bpm instead of, say, five..

A trick i found is to sometimes set your metronome higher than the desired speed. say, you want 150bpm. set it at 165bpm and struggle with that for five mins or so. then back it down to 150 and it seems so much easier. i dont spend too long on that, because it can be frustrating but it works for me sometimes.

Also, the one trick my teacher used to say to "dont think about it, just do it"

good luck bro
the "set it higher" thing, i think that might work actually, because when i ascend in bpm from like 40-120bpm sixteenths at something, by 80 im thinking "holy crap this is getting fast and im not even at 120" but if i just start at 100 or higher, i dont have that mindset.

Apple: did you do those with quarters, eigths, or sixteenths?

Ironflippy: thats basically what ive been doing.
Actually if you find you're getting worse, it could a case of what my piano teacher calls "playing it to death" where you play it so much that you sort of get overconfident or you just get a blank cause since you're practicing from memory you do it without thinking.

A remedy for this is just taking a break from whatever you were overpracticing.
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you just arent experienced with it enough. give yourself some more time and you'll get it down
i dont mean to brag, but i really think the "overpracticed" thing applies MUCH more than not practicing enough.
advice: move on to something else for a while.
get back to it later.
it works,
good luck!

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