Hey Guys, I've got a Ibanez Rg320 with the edge-pro tremolo and personally the more I play a tremolo the less I like it, but anyways, here is what i need help with. Everytime I try to tune down, like Drop D or 1/2 step down and drop-D I have a lot of trouble with the tremolo. I had a tremsetter intalled to help with this, but it doesn't help a whole lot. Is there anyway that I can "set" the tremolo so that it doesn't float and I can tune the strings easier. I don't want to set it permnantly, just something I can put in to stop it from floating, but still be able to take it out and use it as a floating tremolog again. I know what you are thinking, if I didn't want a tremolo then why do I have it. Simple and stupid enough was that I was young and didn't know a lot about guitars, so now I have it and I am stuck with it for now. Thanks guys!
Floating bridges look cool, but bitches to tune. I dunno man, i just leave mine at standard tuning. I guess other people can give you better advice, but u can go and see a luthier, or someone who does setups and ask what are the possibilities + the price needed.

But i'd say dont do anything to the rg...its good as it is.
No trem block or any trem setter necessary. Just buy this thing http://tremol-no.com/ . Make sure you read thru everything and watch the demo installation, this thing needs to be set up well and properly in order for it to work. Dont just simply do it, if you have questions about it you can post it in the site's forum or just simply contact Kevan, the maker.
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Thanks guys for the help. I will check out the Tremol-No but may but the wood block in for now. Thanks!