Saw one at a second hand shop, retailing at approx. USD 160. Just one humbucker, volume knob, Kahler trem.

1) Can someone give me additional info as to which exact model of the peavey nitro is it? Im looking online... but its hard to find pics. And also as to how well it plays, because the stuff there are mostly crap...only this guitar. Probably cant really test it.

2) Is it worth it.

3) The guitar is still in good condition, just looks old. No problem with that, no scratches etc. Though the wording 'handcrafted in the USA' has a few letters blurred (probably due to the age of the guitar)

I have a prestige RG..but this guitar looks tempting...i can probably get it at a lower price, but i need to know more about it. Need to be quick as i want to buy it in a couple of hours time, im still in college.
Thats the peavey nitro limited. I think the one i saw is a peavey nitro I . Either way, I decided not to buy it, because it looked like the previous owner replaced the trem before, and put the kahler trem back on when he decided to sell it... The bridge has got 2 holes drilled.
i have a peavey nitro I and it is awsome. it is not very versitile but it is a BEAST for Mega-deth, Maiden, pantera sounding stuff. u probably saw the passive version, which i have(which is a great guitar). try to look for the active one, its 100 buck more expensive but well worth the higher price tag.