Hey dudes, I've been playing Ibanez RG321 through a Crate GT65/212 for the last 2 years and am just not satisfied anymore. The dist is horrible and the cleans are so bright it almost burts my eardrums. I'm looking for something with a Metallica-ey crunch aswell as some good cleans. Any advice would be appreciated. Price range: $500 ish.
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what do you want to upgrade? the amp, guitar or both?
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im gunna say go with a new amp, i rocked out for 4 years with an epiphone les paul that was so bottom of the line they didnt even advertise for it on their website. with the right EQing and maybe a pedal or two you could get a really good tone. worse comes to worse slap some new pick ups in there and it'll sound like a completely different guitar.
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