hey everyone

im 17 and i sing in a band at my school. we r playin at a gig soon, with 3 other bands. we playin three songs, and one of them is kinda an acoustic song, like quite soft and stuff..lol. our other two songs are much more rock and so they are easier to like get amped and get the crowd pumping.

my question is, does anyone have any advice for me while performing a softer more acoustic song? as in what can i do so that people dont get bored or whatever. its a prety wicked song but when ur playing to a crowd of people who will mostly be below 20, its harder to get them pumped when ur not playing anything heavy. so yeh, anyone got any adcive or tips?

any help would be greatl;y appreciated,.

Thanks, ANdrew
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cant help with beating boredom, but ull be remembered better if you do sumthing different like an acoustic song. simply because youve done sumthing diff to every1 else. often it just settles the crowd down a bit, which is good coz u dont want to be going full steam the whole time if ur in the crowd.
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well basically if you do it well then everyone will find it entertaining and won't get bored, but if you suck then yes, it shall be ****.
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hey thanks for ur replies. haha i hope we dont suck so it should be gud. we r the first band to play and its guna be our first song, so it mite b a risk but yeh like u said, we will prbly b remembered for being different. even if they dnt like it that much our other two songs never fail to get the crowd goin so its all gud lol.

anyone got any other tips?

Unless you're closing the show, play it at the beginning or middle of your set.
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never open a rock show with something slow or acoustic. that is rule numero uno of getting the crowd on your side. IMO, 3 songs is a very short set, almost too short to throw in an accoustic song. if you could maybe get time for one more, i would say do that. then play your two hardest rocking songs first, followed by the acoustic song, then you "best" song to close out. but i guess play the acoustic one at the end if you only have time for 3 songs.

to keep the crowd into it: i remember one gig, we played like an hour long set. we had a sweet stage set up, as there was a smal runway jutting out into the crowd we could run around on. we were running around like madmen and rocking out pretty hard, and def had the corwd on our side. but we were afraid of losing them during our token acoustic song, just as you are. so before we played it, we had a blackout on stage, and i went, picked up the 12-string and me and the singer walked out to the end of the runway, and sat with our feet dangling over the edge into the crowd. we had a dull red spotlight on us, and we proceeded to play a soft, slow accoustic song. sure enough, the crowd was mezmerized.

so definately try something like that, have the crowd on your side. and rememebr, as the singer, it your job to get the crowd off. you need to look for the one guy who isnt getting off, and GET HIM OFF. and the crowd will eb yours.

just do what feels right.

one thing you should really try to do is act like your having fun and kind of make it seem like your the host of the party, and put on a good show, since your opening, all the other bands will appreciate you guys as well for doing that (getting the crowd into it and whatnot)