ok your going to probably bash me for this but ...

I filled in the cavity of my neck pickup on my old guitar, so i have a one pickup guitar (i wanted it to be a really simple machine, it dosen't even have a volume or tone knob anymore, just the one pickup!) but the filler was white and i think spraying it black is going to be obvious.

Could i glue on a custom pickguard to the guitar without a large tone loss (remember it's not a toneful guitar in the first place plus it's got an EMG 81 - so yer tone isn't an issue)? i just need it to cover that rough bit and perhaps at a bit of character to the guitar.

anybody have experience with gluing pickguards onto guitars, or anybody want to give some general advice.

be nice now.
^^I'd recommend screwing it in but ONLY if you can find some way of checking you're not going to drill holes in the electrics while you're at it.
ok then i guess it'd be a job for when i get back to aus seeing as i don't have a drill here. i'm not too keen on drilling to begin with anyway but seems like from what i've read elsewhere as well - the thing to do.

cheers guys