I might sell my 300 dollar Omen Schecter at guitar center...

how does selling work? if i give it to them will i get around 200 dollars or something?
hahaha, i doubt it , there cheap asses up there when it comes to that stuff.

they'll probably depending on the condition give 180 tops.
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no they wont... they wanted to give me 130 for my mint condition ibanez s470... the guitar is sold for 500$ new... so... good luck with that dude
It's just like buying and selling college books. (if you're old enough to know that) You pay $100 for them, and get $10 back. Same thing works for cymbals. I think the only thing you can sell and get close to what it's worth, is a vehicle. (At least I can)
sell it privately most places only buy then for 40% their original price unless its like a gibson...
they give u 50% - additional (10-20%) off of list price.

$300 - 50% = $150 minus additional (10-20%) $120-135.

that way, they can resell it for about $230-$250.

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F*ck Guitar Center. They're a corporation seeking to gain maximum profit, while keeping their own buying cost low. The obvious choice would be Ebay first. Then Craigslist, classifieds, etc..

You deserve all the money you can get for your gear.
They usually take stuff for half the price they sell it for, it's nto worth it
I asked a guy there how much my '74 Tele was worth (knowing full well that it was worth $2800+, and he told me that it was "probly only worth $1200 as 70s fenders arent very desireable." I laughed told him I've had offers of $2800+ (I took it into a reputable vintage guitar dealer in MN and the owner offered me $2800 right when I pulled it out of the case) and walked out, he tried to tell me that i would only get 1200 for it and that i should sell it before it becomes less valuable.
They will try to rip anyone off. lol
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They offered me $200 two years ago when I was shopping around a mint highway 1 strat. I've tried to deal with them since they say they want trades but I've never even gotten close to a deal. I don't bother any more since all they do is try to rip you off on trades.
almost every buisness you go to, to sell something, they will only give you have price. same with eb games, blockbuster, a car dealer, EVERYWHERE. except for another human being. but even will sumtimes try to rip you off. its all about the money. its the root of all evil. and almost every problem that occurs on earth including murders, theft, and violence is all over money.
I don't talk to them.

"Hey man, you need any help?"

"No, I'm alright, thanks."

The little wankers. Can probably play better than I can but I have obviously done my school work.
they usually cant, they just get told what to learn, (and i think they get lessons on how to play impressive songs), I knew a guy who worked there once (he wasnt a pusher so he quit)
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