The thing is, I'm performing for the first time ever with my band tomorrow in school. The thing is, I've got a nasty cold so my hearing is extremely poor at the moment (if you haven't experienced a cold like that, pray you never will)

The thing is, I've forgot the amp settings I use to get a particular distorted sound, and now everything sounds like a mess, so I can't really tell if it's good or not.

Me and my band mates live really far from each other, so no one of them can help me.

So I need the help of my fellow UG'ers to help me get a sound somewhat close to what I need to have when we play.

I have a VOX AD50VT, so if you have one it'd be extra good and perhaps the sound will be exact, but if you have another amp please tell me Gain, Middle, Treble settings so it'll at least be somewhat the same.

Here's a soundclip from a song that contains about the same guitar sound I need.


I hope you can help me solve this awkward problem, and I'd be forever grateful. I'd hate to turn up tomorrow with my amp sounding like utter crap.

Thanks in advance!
No effects, just those already on the amp. Meaning chorus, reverb, delay, auto-wah, flanger and tremolo.
oh. i use a wash bad dog amp and it makes a similar sound like the clip when i use overdrive with high gain,low bass, about 6/10 treble and 2/10 middle. not sure if ur amp will sound the same