My guitar stopped.. doesnt amp at all... Its the guitar.. and i have look at the easy to access connection.. all looks good... any idea wat it is . the guitars only 2 new old .. its a cheap ashton.. it stopped after car trip out of a case. thanks for your help

what is the problem again?
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^his guitar doesn't work and he doesn't know how to fix it.

From our point of view it's impossible to tell what's actually wrong. We can only guess.
My guess is it's a wiring problem somewhere inside the guitar or at the cable connection. Bring it to the shop where you bought it and have them look at it.
Check with another cable see it makes any sound. Also check your input jack by opening it and see whether the connections are proper.
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guitar wiring, first check the input jack, then open up the cavit and check the joynts for damage. Guitar electronics don't just die, due to their simplicity, they degrade over time, or they suffer from lost connections.
yeah checked the inputs jack and cavity. Looks great. ill re solder the joins and see if that make any difference. Just wondering if theres and stupid little thing that i could of missed Thanks for your help. If i cant get it working i just bring it in.