well what do u think

im in to metallica and genral metal - rammstein - korn - slipknot - some lighter stuff - pearl jam - muse - AFI - G'n'R - feeder - seether - rob zombie - lacune coil - syetem - bullit for my valentine

im looking for some factual information about these amps
- so nothing like "omfg ur soo wrongz knooobz go for mg"

just good and bad points, such as weather there perticuerly dark amps and the like. is the clean chanel on anyof them better than the others.

what cabs would work well with them

would the combo be better ? (not giging lol)

what amp would suit what bands best ?

do they take pedals well?

how about mods ?

i have my 18th coming up soon and im looking for something with "holy sh!t" factor
(tone wise) lol

so gimmy some help pleaze
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I love my Mesa single, and the Mesa would probably nail those tones better than the other two. Check out the Recto-Verb, the 1x12 combo of the single, and try to test it out. The 6505 (5150) would be a decent choice too, the JSX would probably be under the Mesa though. I own a Mesa Single half stack and I can nail a lot of those tones pretty easy, I also have a 5150 2x12 but the 5150 is probably more of a metal amp, not nu-metal/hardrock. Haven't tried the JSX, but it would probably be better for those than the 5150. I still think the Mesa is your best bet, look for the recto-verb on ebay and see if you can try the single in a guitar center or something.
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I prefer the JSX out of all of them, but the Single Rectifier would probably be best for what you play.
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ive heard good thigns about hte JSX, it has a **** load of optoins and is very versatile.

But you cant go wrong with a single rectifier.

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The 6505 would would nail those harder tones, but I think you'd find it more than a little lacking in versatility. The JSX is very versatile and has a ton of features, but I just don't know how well you could dial in a Rammstein or Korn tone with it (although, you could get a Slipknot tone quite easily). The Mesa Single Recto is about the middleground. It won't sound as nice for the lighter tones, and doesn't have the overall versatility of the JSX, and it doesn't have the pure power of the 6505. However, it will give you a decent palette of tones to work with, and it's distortion falls about in between the 2 other amps. It's cleans are a little throaty, but if you can get by that, it's a good choice. Although, you should definitely give the JSX a try.
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