right at the moment all i got is a guitar an amp a computer and some leads, how do i get to recording my playing onto the computer is there any software i need thats easy to use, i just need basic recording just for fun. So simple software, i hope i dont need any special hardware do i? anyhoo any help is appreciated
I guess a mic might be handy for micing your amp to your computer cause imo the cube 30's headphone/studio output is shocking.

maybe look at getting a toneport or something if you want some cheap recording hardware with heaps of amp models.

simple software? hmm there's stuff out there, every1 has their preference, i'm more of a protools/cubase kinda guy - but only the limited editions as i'm not in the pirating mood or the spending mood for that matter this year.
Wavepad. Is good for recording a single guitar. It's really easy to use aswell. Plug your guitar into your pedal. Plug your pedal into your amp and then plug your amp into your p.c. via the mic or line in socket. You will need an big to small jack adapter.

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thanks, i got like a small lead that fits into the line in socket and a thing to put on one end to make it go into the amp so if i get that software i just plug it in and play and thats that?
of course you need a good soundcard.
Im not talking like 1000 dollar soundcards, but nor a 5$ crap one
how do i find out wot sound card i have or if its good enough i wouldnt have a clue i just got the computer this year and its a pretty good one but i wouldnt know bout that kinda stuff