Hey there people just got my own computer(laptop) and I really wana make some music using my guitar and software! (so I can upload and kick some ass on UG... )

I have just downloaded reason and thats all so far. Problem it looks quite intense and I cant figure out how to start out i.e. how to get recording adding beats ect.. im usually quite good with this kinda stuff so any help/links ect would be useful!

I got my amps and mic and boss phrase recorder (which Ive been using for a while) ready to rock its just figuring out the software!!

... thanks for any help, synth002
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well my mates told me that reason aint what i want n cubase is what i do so im gonna give that a go..
Your mate is right, Reason is more geared toward 'dance' music and that sort of sh*t. Mind you the interface is probably just as confusing as Reason to a recording noob. I suggest Googling for tutorials or reading the ones in the help files.
ah man both reason and cubase are way too complicated.. I wana play guitar not spend yonks at my computer learning how to use some industry standard software...

All I wana do is make a track add some drums bit of bass and maybe a bit of synth for shredding!! Are there any easy to use programs out there for this?
yeh, thats pretty cool man now i can record and stuff onto cubase but how about adding drums, synth ect..

Use a sequencer like FL studio. Make the drums... Export as an MP3 or wav... IMPORT them into Cubase and viola.
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You could go really simple with audacity. I say just suck it up and learn to use a sequencer. It's really not that hard. But all the buttons and **** can be a little scary.
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Quote by synth002
ah man both reason and cubase are way too complicated.. I wana play guitar not spend yonks at my computer learning how to use some industry standard software...

Ha! You've just described the last seven years of my musical life! That explains why just recently I have started getting my chops back up and buying a new amp and stuff.

Think of recording as learning a new instrument. It takes time to learn, and to get good. I've been "playing my recording instruments" for seven years now. I'm finally pretty good at it.

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Cool man, thanks for all the help people!.. at the moment im using cubase and have now got FL Studio ready to go just gotta figure it out.. check out some tutorials n stuff..

I really only wana record stuff so I can work on my composition abilites.. the real goal is to play live!
Reason is one of the simplest sequencers i've ever used...i found it a lot easier to get into than Fruity Loops,after one read through the manual CD that comes with it i was making tunes with all of the peripherals

if all you want to do in Cubase is record it's not that hard either,just set up a channel & push the record button.
you should read the manuals
get fruity loops then take a look at the tutorial the dude posted on UG... its a lot less confusing than the tutorials it comes with. And i totally understand and agree about the standard industry software and just want to make some good backing tracks for guitar but at any rate you still need to take the time at first to learn about the program