Ok, this may sound hillarious to all of you hardcore guitarists. I am completely new to this, and I've had no help learning what I've learned. Nonetheless, my problem is, I want to play this:


But, that would require me to have atleast 6 on my left hand as far as I can see. I doubt the guitarist in The Calling, who plays this song, has got 6 fingers. Do you get my point? How do I play something like that without like attaching an extra finger?
search barre chord
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barre chord dude, put one finger across every fret on string 5, then one on the 6, and the last two on the 7s
they're barre chords use your index finger to cover the whole fret of the note on the E strings,
and then use your third 4th and 5th to sort the rest out.
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Barre chords, hard at first...practice and you'll have it down. I do recommend learning open chords first, if you havent already. But yeah, look up barre chords and do some research, because they're not hard.
lay your first finger across the lowest fret, e.g for the first chord lay your first finger over every note on the 5th fret
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You barre your index finger over the lowest fret - meaning you lay your index finger across all the strings, not just one. Like in this photo, not his index finger fretting all the strings at one fret.

So, on your first chord - you'd lay your index finger across the whole fifth freth, use your pinky finger for the 7th fret on the G string, and your ring finger for the 7th fret on the D string.

It's called a barre chord. take the fist chord for example... you would lie your first finger (i.e. index) over the 5th fret and then use fingers 3 and 4 to hold down the 7s.

It takes a little getting used to to make all the notes sound, but its easy when you get the hand of it.
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I.. think.. I understand, thanks.
Uhm, could anyone eventually link me up with some chords basics?


Wow, it takes alot of strength to cover 6 strings.
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search for it yourself, you'll find it easily

I'll try. I guess. Thanks for the help everyone.
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Wow, it takes alot of strength to cover 6 strings.

It took me about 4 weeks to get it right on an electric and about 6 on acoustic.
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