hey ive been stuck with this problem for a long time. whenever i play stuff it always sounds the same. like i use the same little riffs i make up and i cant make myself sound original. for example, if im just playnig random stuff in my room, it will incorperate the same manuvers i make up. ( like play three notes in order from a mode and than bend 1\2 right after) these same licks and things keep me sounding repetitive and i hate it. all my tunes sound so repetitive and boring. any help??
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Learn some songs for inspiration. From different styles even. I bet you don't know any country licks. Then you pick apart and mix those until you have a repertoire of entirely new licks. It's not quite stealing. Just borrowing, modifying and mixing in the way that one gains knowledge to write an essay from reading books/articles written by others.
^W0rd...you can borrow ideas from all kinds of places. Play all kinds of music. Try doing a solo where you change techniques...start out normally, then focus on maybe some double stops, then do a section with lots of slides and chordal work, stuff like that.
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learn as many songs and styles of music as possible, then when ever your just jamming or something start throwing the different styles together
well, you are what you listen to. it's true, if you listen to lots of blues, you will play blues licks even if you try not to, same goes for other genres.

try putting down the guitar, start listening to different music for a while, then pick it up again.