hey i have wrote a song:

Em Am D Am times 4

Em G D Am time 2

C Em G Am times 2

i need to make it more exiting any help please?
Dude what's your problem? If it sounds good as it is, you cant do much more to it, can you? I can see where you're coming from though, same old chords everyone uses, similar progressions etc. If you dont like it, play around it. I've been recording vocals today for a song that only has 3 chords - Bm, D, A
Thats it! But when you listen back, the melodies of the vocals make it interesting, the rhythm, the bass, the drums, even a slide guitar thats heavy on the vibrato. It all combines to take this simple 3 chord song to a higher level.

Just make it the best you can, dont worry if its the 'same old chords' or whatever, just play around with it.
just another question what woukld be the best scale to use over this chord progression would it be e minor / e minor pentatonic
Whatever feels right, why not try both? I like using melodic minor scales sometimes. When I started out, I had no idea about what scales to use, or which ones would sound best, it was a case of trial and error, record the part I was soloing over and come up with something that not only served the song but also sounded pretty cool. Sometimes I failed miserably and other times I'd nail it.
I suck at giving guitar advice, I apologise.
you couldnt use E melodic minor could you? coz one notes out of key?
- tommy