heya i havent been playing guitar long but i was wanting to try finger-picking and i want to know any you can suggest, i want some that are easy but sound effective and beautiful. thanks
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Stairway to Heaven is a good one, but it's just about all arpeggios. The one I started fingerpicking with was Dust in the Wind. A basic picking pattern, but very effective.
Alot of Zeppelins acoustic stuff is finger picking.
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Stairway would be a good start. Just don't play anywhere outside of your bedroom.

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The Widow by The Mars Volta. It's somewhat repetitive but its easy to start fingerpicking on.
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"To Live Is To Die" by Metallica is a good one.

"Under The Bridge" by Chili Peppers is fundamental.

A note on Under the Bridge: I believe it is capoed to the 2nd fret, making the song in the key of D when the chord shapes are born of the key of C. So where you might see the tab and think:

-4-4-- ..
5----- ...etc...

...you may wonder "how the hell do I do that?"

Well, it's a regular old C chord, just two frets higher.

It's seems really tough at first, but it's a fairly basic fingerpicker. From there on out you will find that most fingerstyle songs involve some variation of that basic form - just some chords will be fretted higher or have some extra add-ons and such.

Work on something like that for a while, then when you've got it the whole world of fingerpicing should open up to you. Of course classical and flamenco are a whole different ballgame, but you should be okay for rock in just a couple of weeks.
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