I'm not sure if it would make that much difference but, I was wondering if I could upgrade my Korean made Epiphone Casino with some American P-90's, preferably the same ones on the Elitist or John Lennon Casinos.

Does anyone know where I can find some? I checked the Gibson site and the only ones they had for sale were in black and cream, no chrome. I couldn't find any at the Epiphone site either, as far as I could tell.

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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I'm not exactly sure how dog ear covered p-90's work, but could you use your existing chrome covers?
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There are much better ones than the stock on an Epiphone. Check out offerings by Rio Grande, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Bareknuckles, and this guy... www.sdpickups.com
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For p90s Lollar and Harmonic design are the best by an absolute mile, nothing even comes close (from what I've tried, which is most major manufacturers) Of the ones Dirk mentioned, the Rio's are particularly bad IMO. They're too aggressive, have no clarity and are too nasal. The bareknuckles are nice but not really on par with their other pickups IMO, seymour and dimarzio are safe choices for those who can't afford booteek prices (I'd choose dimarzio's virtual 90 over the dunc though.)

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^power freak, out of curiosity, would you know how they compare with gibson p-90's? (lollar & harmonic, semour and dimarzio)
Thanks for all the replies, keep 'em coming!

Greenbox, I have absolutely no if switching the covers would work but if they do, that would be awesome.

Dirk Gently, I'm looking into the sd pickups, he seems to know a lot about pickups, and everyone who owns one of his pickups loves 'em.

power freak, I'll check out the Loller and Harmonic P-90's, thanks for the input. I don't mind paying a little more if its quality stuff.
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^power freak, out of curiosity, would you know how they compare with gibson p-90's? (lollar & harmonic, semour and dimarzio)

In terms of noise the Gibson would be the worst (from best to worst dimarzio, harmonic design, lollar, seymour duncan then gibson.) Which may or may not be important to you.

In terms of tone the gibsons have a strange "bark" in the midrange which is good for music with a bit of "attitude" (like dirty blues etc.) but I find I can't dial that out which makes the gibson a one trick pony, you can only get a quieter sounding barky sound when you turn down the volume. In a semi hollow the top end is quite nice on gibsons p90s I find, but in solid bodies there's a little "ring" which causes me grief sometimes. (I'm assuming you're talking about the new gibson p90s, not vintage ones, because that's a whole different ball game.)

The Lollar is probably the closest to the Gibbo, the output's similar and the overall EQ is sorta similar. However the Lollar responds completely differently, when you roll down the volume you can get a darker smoky jazz tone, whereas the gibson has too much attitude for jazz. It's also not as barky, but if you want bark you can get it by adjusting the pickup higher and adjusting the amps EQ. I'd also say that it has a "larger" sound, it's hard to explain, but everything just sounds larger (not necessarily fatter/rounder.)

The Harmonic Design is a more modern style pickup, it's very very smooth and slightly brighter than your typical gibbo p90. I like to think of it as a more hi-fi version of the lollar. It can cover pretty much anything really, Bill Frisell is probably one of the best examples of Harmonic Designs sounds.

The Dimarzio is just a very very quiet vintage sounding pickup, it's just everything a a p90 should be without the noise. The seymour is very gibbo-esque but it's only really worth it if you can't afford or try a lollar IMO (they basically cover the exact same ground.)

For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details

Well after doing some research on all your suggestions, I've decided on the Stephens Design Pickups, P-90 Zephyr Blues. He's gonna use my current chrome covers. I don't know why but most, if not all pickup companies seem to only sell P-90's in creme or black. His pickups are usually geared towards 50's type blues and the like and I believe he uses Alnico 3's. For mine he's gonna use Alnico 5's and his custom hand winding skills to produce as close to a Beatles type sound as he can get. I could have gone with Gibson's because it seems thats what most Beatle guys go for, but I went with his just because it's custom made by hand and because of his guarantee of a full refund or rewind if I don't approve. He's also adding an out of phase lead thing via way of a push/pull pot so I'll have a little more tone variation if I like. We'll see what happens once I receive them!
Well it took a while (a month and a half) but my sd pickups have finally arrived. I took them to a well known guitar shop in Santa Monica, CA to be installed. I replaced the the pots, jack, switch, and added a push-pull pot to the bridge pickup as well.

The tech who worked on my Casino said that it sounds amazing! I haven't heard it yet but I will be picking it up tonight. These guys were trying to get me to pick up some Gibson or Fralins instead, but I'm glad I stuck with my decision to go with stephens design. I'm glad they're diggin' the sound, especially since these guys have a much better ear for tone than I do.

I'll try to get some clips on here soon, after I get the chance to play it for a while.
What's the push-pull pot for?
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What's the push-pull pot for?

It's used as an out of phase switch.

I messed around a little bit with my ad15vt and it sounds so much better than my stockers. I will be doing some playing/recording tonight with my AC30 so that will be the real test of how good they sound...I'll do some recording of the neck, bridge, neck/bridge and neck/bridge-out of phase modes also but who know when I'll get that together for posting but I'll do my best.

Like I said before, the guitar techs, who were very skeptical at first, at the shop I took it to were really diggin the sound. Uusually guys who've been around a while are hard to please and it was great that they dug em.

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Ok guys, heres a sample of my Casino + Stephens Design Pickups. I'm playing clean first, with my interpretation of "my guitar gently weeps", not the whole song. Next I play dirty, my own song, its copywritten by the way. I play the clean and dirty stuff 4 times, using the neck pickup, then bridge, neck + bridge and finally neck + bridge + out of phase. Pardon the dirty tone, its not setup that well, I didn't have time to mess with the overdrive settings. I'm gonna upload a better overdriven recording soon. Let me know what you guys think of the tone.

SD Pickups + Casino + AC-30 + Tubescreamer